Coworking Spaces in Budapest – Best Places for Business Networking

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Nowadays, thanks to the innovative technology, the workforce has become interconnected and more mobile as well. Therefore, community office environments can easily develop and evolve. As a young entrepreneur who moves from another country to Budapest, Hungary, to start a business, it is very important to be very well-informed about everything, in order to know exactly where to start from.

When it comes to coworking spaces in Budapest, there will not be any sort of problems in finding what you need, because the city is full of places like that, places where you can develop your business ideas, and also meet new people and learn lots of useful things that will help you in the future. In order to choose what’s best for you and your business, here is a list of the best places for business networking.


Here, there are lots of clients who come from many fields, such as startups, freelancers, and even large companies. The international network from Kubik can definitely be extremely helpful and also open lots of doors. What this place has to offer is a work desk and a virtual office as well. In my opinion, it is the perfect place to improve your business. Kubik is quite expensive, its packages varying from €140 to €150 per month.

Impact hub Budapest

This place is perfect for new ideas and training as well. Furthermore, creative and social transformation is guaranteed. As an entrepreneur, you will be able to connect and also collaborate in order to transform your exceptional ideas into business. You will certainly be impressed by the professional workshops and events that take place here. All in all, you will have a lot to learn at Impact hub Budapest. The packages have prices that vary from €15 to €115.

If you are a digital nomad, then this is the right place for you. There is an office area upstairs with some presentation rooms, and downstairs you will find some working tables and a coffee shop in case you need to relax a bit and enjoy the inspiring atmosphere. In terms of costs, Cowo offers different packages, from daily contracts to weekly and monthly, in order to satisfy client’s needs. The price starts from €95, and ends at €130, for a whole month.


This place is available 24/7, and you can choose between workstations and offices, and even mentoring support. All the advice that you will receive here will help your business become a successful one. It is a bit cheaper than other coworking spaces in Budapest, but it is definitely worth the money. For example, a full package starts at €145.


In Budapest, you can also find eco-friendly communities, and the Greenspaces is one of the best choices you could make. Here, you will find green coworking office spaces. This location is right in the center of Budapest, which is certainly a great advantage. With the 35 desks, there is enough room for plenty of people with great ideas. The full package costs €130 a month.

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