Living and Working in Hungary as an expat

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If you decide to start a business in another country than yours, then you must make sure you know exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages as well of such a decision. One of the most popular countries in Europe in terms of business is Hungary. Here, entrepreneurs all over the world make their dreams come true, thanks to the facilities that this state offers. Here is more information about living and working in Hungary as an expat.

I, as a businessman from London who moved to Budapest, Hungary, found very easy to start a business here due to many reasons. For example, taxes are quite small, and there is also no need for you to hire local directors. People are welcoming with foreigners, and the state definitely supports you. Furthermore, you can easily find coworking spaces where you can learn lots of helpful things, not to talk about the fact that you will get advice from experts about how to start and grow a business. Even if the costs are quite high, you must make an effort and go to one of those coworking spaces in order to know exactly what you have to do. The packages are daily, weekly, and monthly as well, and therefore, you will find something that suits you best.

My toner business became a successful one due to the fact that all the advantages mentioned above helped me a lot on my way to success, and this is why I want to share my experience with all the young entrepreneurs who want to come to Hungary. Even though that you might be stressed about this decision, I recommend you to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages as well and be optimistic in order to reach your goal.

When it comes to living costs, it is true that things are not as good as they used to be a few years ago. People pay a bit more for food and transportation than they did 5 years ago, for example. However, everything is quite cheap in comparison with England, Germany, Spain, or France. Renting an apartment is also affordable, and you can also benefit from some discounts at the beginning if you are a foreigner. There are many flat owners who apply discounts for those who come for the first time in Hungary, and this advantage can certainly help you save some money until your business starts to grow.

In terms of fun, there are plenty of wonderful things you can do in Hungary in your free time. Whether you like art or music, you will definitely find something new to do every time you decide to go out. Furthermore, locals are very friendly and you can quickly make some new friend to hang out with. If you want you can also request the services of an budapest escort because there are plenty. Hungary is one of the countries with a high number of escorts, and finding one will surely not be a problem, especially in Budapest.

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