Starting a Business in Budapest Was the Easiest Thing I’ve Imagined

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One of the best places to start a business in Europe is without a doubt Budapest. In this wonderful city, you have the chance to develop your ideas in quite a short period of time and with little effort as well, thanks to all the easy formalities that Hungary offers in terms of entrepreneurship. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you know exactly what type of business you want to start, and also work quite a lot for your purpose. However, the results will definitely be satisfactory.

For example, a toner business is something that is not very difficult to put into practice, and if you love what you do then you certainly cannot be anything else but successful. To be true, a business like this can have success anywhere due to the fact that printers are used all over the world, but it is important that through your way to success you get some help from the country where you want to develop your idea, and this is the great advantage that Hungary offers.

One of the best things about this country is that it allows foreigners to do business on their own. In other countries this is not allowed, and you must have a local partner or local directors, in order to become an entrepreneur. Therefore, all entrepreneurs should seriously take into consideration this important aspect, if their plan is to move to another state.

In my case, coming from London to Hungary was a lot easier than I expected to be. In comparison with the capital of UK, where things are very strict and you need thousands of papers and approvals if you want to become an entrepreneur, in Budapest, things are a lot easier from this point of view, and you do not need to stress too much in order to reach your goal.

Another advantage that helped me a lot with my business was the corporate tax, which in Hungary is 9%, compared to other countries, where it is much more. This tax applies to your company’s profit after the deduction of all your expenses. Settling in this country as an entrepreneur also allows you to get quite fast EU residency.
When moving to a new country, it is also essential to learn the language, at least at a conversational level. Even if Hungarian might be quite hard for many, it is actually very easy to learn. If you persevere and you really want to make a good job, then from my point of view, you must be able to talk to your clients in their native language, in a professional manner.

All these advantages helped me become a professional regarding my field of activity, and I cannot be happier than I am at the moment, and also thankful to this country for helping and supporting me with my plan of business. Of course, I have to work very much in order to obtain fantastic results, but in terms of starting a toner business I would definitely not choose another country but this.

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